Grilled Pork

IMG_20130508_170503Tonight we are having grilled pork, stir fry Asian vegetables, and Jasmine rice.  Everything looks good so far.  Mom just needs to give me the rice…  Almost ready!  Now just the veggies, I’m not sure about the veggies by looking at them.  I’m not sure I’ll like them, it’s got onions and red peppers, and sugar snap peas all over the place.  I don’t like broccoli cooked.

I’m going to try the pork first (grilled).  It is really hard to cut with my fork.  Oh man!  The pork is so GOOD!  I want more!  I really like the flavor, it tastes something like Chinese, but I’m basically a carnivore.  The soy sauce really stands out in the flavor.

Now time for the rice (jasmine). First I need butter and salt, yummy.  I love the rice especially with a little butter and salt.

Now it’s time for the bad part.  The veggies.  Dun dun duhhhhhh….  Interesting flavor.  I hate it!  Here goes nothing.  Even worse…red peppers everywhere!  Broccoli almost made me throw up.  Finally, DONE!  Yay!

If you want me to try a food that you think would be interesting, please leave it in a comment.  I’m going to talk about my dinner every day.